Where to find easily the best EVS vacancies

When I decided to follow an EVS project, one of the biggest challenges was to find opportunities that fit as better as possible to my personality and to my future plans. While researching for different projects I learnt that are many ways of finding a vacancy that might be on my preference. From the very beginning I should tell you that the process is not necessarily short, easy or without any complications. But maybe this is another objective of the program – to determine us to search, search and to be perseverant in our decisions. Among all the ways I would consider:

  1. Searching for an organization (sending organization) in your country in order to help you. Each organization accredited for sending EVS volunteers has its own partners to check or projects where you can apply.

Advantage: you can have a direct contact with your future sending organization and you can see if you can trust them. If you are lucky, you can find easily and quickly a perfect opportunity for you.

Disadvantage: the organization could be a small one or at the very beginning with all that EVS program means, so then they don’t have so many contacts abroad; so then the vacancies list is not so long. Still, at the beginning the organizations are very enthusiastic and could offer you everything they have the best.

Story: a Lithuanian friend of mine when decided to take a gap year after finishing his high school firstly searched on internet for some accredited NGOs in Lithuania for sending EVS volunteers. He took the whole list, checked every single organization till he decided which one to contact. Afterwards, he discussed with the team, actually he went to another city to meet them up, and they proposed for him to go to Austria, in Graz, to work in a tourism information office. That project fitted that well for him that he decided to stay 1 more year in Austria and after that starting to travel around the world (he is at this moment somewhere in India, in his way to Australia).

How to find information: There are many ways to gain a list of all the sending organizations in your country. One of the ways is to write to the national agency asking for it; another way is to check on europa.eu some organizations that have active projects in your country.


  1. Searching for a hosting organization according to your interests. You can actually check some international data basis with organizations and selecting organizations that implement initiatives in your interest area. At least if you are interested in following a very niche project, this I think could be the best way.

Advantage: you can have a direct contact with the organization that will host you. You can see how the people are and if you can get along. More, if you are decided in  what kind of project you would like to be involved, this is the best way for you.

Disadvantage: I find this way a bit more complicated. This way will also need some time to find an organization in your country that would want to make an agreement with that organization abroad in order to complete all the European procedure. The chances that these kinds of niche organizations to have contact directly in your country are low; still, it’s not impossible and I think the effort will worth it.


  1. Facebook groups: nowadays it’s very easy to find whatever kind of information on the social networks. Of course, Facebook is not only one of them, but the greatest! On Facebook people can do a big research in order to find groups, pages or people looking for volunteers or other partner organizations. When I was searching for EVS vacancies, I discovered some interesting groups that I followed. Through them, I found my actual EVS project. How it works? People post in there different initiatives, most of them having specified the country that the future EVS volunteers should come from. So read with maximum attention before applying if you want your application to be at least considered.


Some Facebook groups’ names examples:
EVS (European Voluntary Service)
EVS Application deadline
EVS Vacancy
EVS + the country name (in my case, EVS Romania)

  1. Apply with your own project idea. If you may want to have your own project and you have specific preferences, you directly apply for a grant in order to cover your project expenses. This is a longer project, that could take up to 8 months, but at least you can design you’re your idea. The process consists in applying for an EVS grant within ERASMUS+ grant making period.

BONUS: Check out this website: https://findevs.com/evs-projects/


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